Rural Emergency Care Innovation and Research Conference 2017

Large emergency facilities are alike, however every small rural emergency facility works in its own way. Much is in confusion in rural emergency care. Each town has challenges, resources, and available clinicians that differ from their neighbours. Old ways are under pressure but a new model, to draw together hospitals, ambulance services and clinicians, has not been built.

Fortunately, there are many ideas. Some of them are tested, some untested, and some even revolutionary. This conference showcases these potential building blocks of a safer, more efficient, and sustainable rural emergency care system.



You should attend if you have a story of a hard-won success or learnt from a hard-fought failure. You should attend if you have run out of ideas and can’t decide where to go next. You should attend if you have an idea that just might work, but you are worried it is so crazy that some will laugh. You should attend if you have research about rural prehospital or emergency facility care to present.

Submit an abstract, and you will be heard. Your idea will be discussed. Attend to hear the ideas of others. They may spark something new for you, and your question may provide a perspective on something that we have all been missing.


Rural Emergency Care Conference Flyer