New ED artist exhibition

Topias I is a solo exhibition by Georgie Mattingley that examines contemporary Heterotopias.

Through a new series of hand-tinted photographic prints and video works, she documents human-made spaces designed to promote privacy, sterility, surveillance and production. This spans a hospital emergency department, a morgue, an oil refinery, a coalmine, a power station and a prison.

Within society’s most sterile spaces that harness functionality, only the most basic requirements for human life remain, such as our need for food, cleanliness, the simulation of nature and above all, beauty.

Topias I is proudly supported by Creative Victoria and the University of Melbourne, through a Graduate Mentorship Scholarship, the Yarra City Council, the NAVA, through an Australian Artists’ Grant, made possible through the generous sponsorship of Mrs. Janet Holmes à Court and the support of the Visual Arts Board, Australia Council for the Arts.

Strange Neighbour Gallery
395-397 Gore St, Fitzroy
29 April – 21 May 2016
Gallery hours: Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 6pm